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Quick Pin Loader

Last week I had a great visit from 2 English lock pickers Mikey and Orc,it was a great fun and I ‘m still recovering from a hangover..

During that week I got 2 new tools from Sam Lee which is responsible for many great lock picking tools including the Mul-t-lock H&M tool, so when I saw that he made some new tools I didn’t have to think twice and quickly got them.

The first tool is a foil impressioning kit for pin tumbler locks which will be covered at a later stage and a quick pin loader tool.

About a year ago I saw a similar tool from a manufacturer from the USA ,unfortunately I found out that this company doesn’t know how  to treat a costumer and had to cancel my order and got it cheaper from another shop even though it was supposed to be cheaper at the manufacturer.

However, the tool that I got  had a big false as the springs had to be short and not not stick out of their plug holes so the tool had little use and I gave it away.

Sam Lee’s tool looks great and it will do the job in 30 seconds and it is important to have this aid as a use” in the field” tool in  case you need to quickly repin a lock without the comfort and tools that you have in your work shop.

 Here is a quick video of using the tool

And of course I’ve already made similar tools for mul-t-lock!



An update:


Here is a video of my friend Shahar using the quick pin loader on a Mul-t-lock Classic