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Locksmith needed

Hello all, today’s post is about something slightly different than lock picking…

My brother in law is a successful entrepreneur, about to launch his new venture in social network for the home improvement niche.

He is looking for co-founders with a professional background as a plumber, or a locksmith, or an electrician AND have a digital zest and passion.

Ideally that person would be located in Berkshire.

Do you know someone? Could you be the one? Drop me a line!

How to pick a lock

Here is a nice video on a clear padlock cutaway .

Lock picking

Here is a short vid on on a pedlock cutaway

UKbumpeys Interveiw

Nice interveiw in here

פריצת רכבים -שלט אונברסלי

יש לכם רכב, ורכב מליסינג בפרט? כדאי לכם לקרוא, ולצפות בסרטון הבא שצולם ב-14/1/13 באזור התעשייה בראשון לציון, שבו נפרץ רכב באמצעות שלט שיש כיום לפורצי מכוניות.

בחודשים האחרונים נתפסו מספר חוליות של גנבים שביצעו פריצות “חלקות” לרכבים באמצעות שימוש בשלט שהוא מעין “שלט אוניברסלי”. הפריצות בוצעו בלחיצת כפתור בעיקר בחניונים. דרך פעולה זו מאפשרת לקיחת דברי ערך אשר מצויים ברכב מבלי לעורר את חשדם של העוברים ושבים וללא הותרת סימני פריצה.

השלט שמשמש לפריצות, שהוא כביכול “שלט אוניברסלי” למעשה, אינו שלט שיכול לפתוח את כל סוגי הרכבים, אך בהחלט יש ביכולתו לפתוח ולנעול רבים בלחיצה אחת פשוטה.

במהלך עבודתי כמנעולן נתקלתי בחמישה מקרים של פריצות מסוג זה. מקרה אחרון אף תועד במצלמות אבטחה (סרטון). המשותף לכל הרכבים שנפרצו הוא שימוש בשלטים מקוריים מסוג ספציפי אחד (מצורפים בתגובה לסטטוס). שלושה רכבים מתוכם הם מליסינג, ולא במקרה, שכן חברות ליסינג בחלקן מתקינות בעצמן מערכות אזעקה ברכבים, ובוחרות להשתמש במערכות מיגון זולות לרכב. יחד עם זאת, אין מניעה בחוק לעשות זאת.

נראה כי זהו דפוס פעולה שהופך להיות בשגרה בקרב פורצי מכוניות. הפתרון שאני מציע הוא:
יש לבדוק את מערכת האזעקה ברכב על ידי גורם מורשה, ולוודא שהמערכת הינה איכותית. עד אז, ממליץ בחום *** לא להשאיר שום דבר בעל ערך ברכב***.


The Biggest Lock in the World?

Here’s what I got today form a very close friend in the lock industry


big mult- 001


It’s a very big and heavy Mul-t-lock classic cutaway.


Weight 10 Kilos and it’s 5:1 on size


big mult- 002


big mult- 003


From what I know only  ten of those where made.


This is  a 1983 lock


big mult- 004


Here’s  a picture of  it with a normal lock and a key.


big mult- 006



High Security Locks Enyclopedia

Hello all

Since it’s my Birthday soon I’ve decided to treat myself with a great gift




This is a book written by Graham W. Pulford and this book is all about locks..


I must say that this is the best book I’ve seen yet ,very well explained with great pictures and if you love locks it’s a must have one.


The variety of locks shown in this book is amazing






I have around 60% of locks in my collection already which tells me I’m the right direction.




WELL DONE MR. PULFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name and Shame

Hello all

SOme of you may already know the safe magic key tool made by some tool makers in Europe.


The tool is a wonderful aid to the locksmith and after testing a few I found them to be very good.


Like many other items the tool was also cloned in Chine and sold half the price.


Needles to say I go a sample  and within 2 mints of  using it this is what happened



So this is just a quick post for a warning to all not to waste you money .


Here is the link to the tool










Pagoda Lock

>pagoda 002

Here is a look on this unusual tubular lock (or smilier to) that is usully placed in vanding machines etc.

The is very unique as you can see

pagde 003

The system is very similar to the lock I’ve recently described in here the “Z-con”

This is the lock without the key

pagde 005

As the key goes in the levers (or disc) will sit in the holes and the plug can turn

pagde 006

The hole in the key is key retinar that porvents the key extraction.

Here is the inside of the core

pagde 012

אילן זליג מנעולן יצאת צדיק

הנה כתבה מיצאת צדיק

מפתח העיר תל אביב
דיזנגוף 147


Z-Con Lock

Hello all

Here is a lock I recently got. A very well made I think


The lock is called Z-Con and I’m not sure where it is made. The mechansim and the style of the lock are very similar to other French locks I know.

The is very strange looking key but has a very clever design ,It’s not only the spaces between the discs, it is also the thickness of the key that enable the lock to open.

con 004

Like many French pompes locks the face of the lock doesn’t turn at all. This makes this lock very hard to pick.

con 003

The lock itself only contains 3 discs but inside the core of the lock there are also 3 grooves that the discs must sits in before the lock can be opened.

con 005

con 010

con 006

Here is the sheer line.

con 007

The lock doesn’t have a card to go with which makes me wonder about the make of the lock.

It would be very interesting to find out how a key is copied to this lock.


איך לבחור מנעול אופניים

תושבי תל אביב (אך לא רק) כבר מורגלים בגניבת אופניים.

הדבר מרגיז אך לצערנו בלתי נמנע

אין מנעול אשר יעמוד בפני פרוץ אך בהחלט ניתן לעכב או לגרום לפרוץ לעבור לזוג הבא הממוגן פחות טוב

הנה מספר טיפים בסרטון זה

מפתח העיר
דיזנגוף 147 תל אביב

מנעולן בתל אביב והמרכז 050-7946111

nמפתח העיר

ברוכים הבאים למפתח העיר!

שירותי מנעולן 24 שעות

החלפת צילינדרים ושכפול כל סוגי המפתחות לבית רכב ומשרד
שכפול מפתחות מולטילוק ורב בריח עם כרטיס מכירת כספות ומנעולים
החנות נמצאת ברחוב דיזנגוף 147 תל אביב

טלפון בחנות 03-7326655

נייד 24 שעות 050-7946111



שכפול מפתח לרכב בתל אביב במבצע!!


מבצע לזמן מוגבל

שכפול מפתח לרכב כולל שבב ב280 ש”ח

במקרה של מפתח רזרבי ניתן להוריד את העלויות ובמקרים מויימים לשכפל רק את המפתח ובמקרה הצורך לפתוח את הדלת ידנית ולהניע את הרכב.

המבצע תואם 90% מהרכבים בארץ אך מומלץ להתקשר לפרטים

השכפול נעשה במקום ואורך מספר דקות, יש חניה .


מפתח העיר דיזנגוף 147 תל אביב



Yale 500 Series

yale 5000 002

Recently a I got a pin tumbler Yale lock which is from a new series “500”. Yale locks, though sometimes can be a pig to pick but most of the time will pick relatively easy

Or so I thought.

The key didn’t seems to have a very special bitting so I started picking and after 15 mints moved to the HPG and bumping and since that didn’t work either and I decided to see what’s inside.

yale 5000 007

They were 4 nasty mushroom pins and an anti drill one. Those pins are very similar to the Corbin ones.

yale 5000 005<

The inside pins holes have carves insdie.

The pins will drop very low into the plug which is unusal as they don’t normaly do that.

yale 5000 006</

yale 5000 009

All in all it looks like a very good lock and it is very hard to pick.

yale 5000 003>

Rav Bariach Locxis צילינדר רב בריח לוקסיס

locxis 001


צילינדר חדש מבית רב בריח

חברת רב בריח הותיקה ביותר בשוק משיקה צילינדר חדש לדלת פלדלת.


Here is a quick lock on a new cylinder made by Rav Bariach which was the first locks and doors company in Israel, Mul-t-lock was actually a sub division of this company before they were bought by Assa Abloy.

The lock contains 10 pins and it’s similar to the Interactive system but with 2 floating pins.


locxis 003


The floating pins have many variations so the key combinations is at high ratio.




ניתן לרכוש את המנעול אצלנו במפתח העיר

רחוב דיזנגוף 147 ת”א שירות לכול אזור המרכז.

locxis 005


locxis 006


Magnum 2100 Mont Blanc צילינדר מאגנום

Here is a quick look on a new Magnum lock I got – Magnum 2100 Mont Blanc.

This lock has a very good design and some nice features but as with many other locks can be defeated within seconds.

The  lock is actually a wafer lock (like vehicles)  and has a very narrow key way which is almost impossible to introduce a tension wrench in


צילינדר מאגנום 2100 הינו מנעול מעניין מאוד תהוא עושה מפחיות ודי מזכיר מנעול רכב

The key is a double-sided key and the lock contains 8 wafers and 4 heights .

The middle wafer is an anti drilling one and therefore will not move.


 The plug sits within two plastic caps that hold the wafers when the key is not in.

The core of the lock and the anti snapping system (which makes it very difficult to dismantle).


למנעול מנגנון אנטי שבירה

The lock was sent to friends in England and was picked but I don’t think picking is the best solution.

A blank key will do the trick in no time…

Protected: Pin Tumblers Foil Kit

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Magnum Onguard מנעול אופנוע מאגנום אונגארד

Hello all, sorry for not posting in here for a while but I was a bit busy so loads of new locks and tools are will covered in my blog soon.

Here is close lock on a very interesting lock I finally manged to get my hands on- the Magnum onguard which has a very nice key (similar to 2 tracks Kia  car ey) but operates in a slightly different way.

The lock is actually a smaller version on the Magnum Millenco  sidebar (Already covered in ny blog) but this lock has 2 side bars operates by 8 sliders ,4 on each side and the same as the Superior Millenco has only have 3 heights.

The sliders operates with little springs that are placed underneath them, and as the key goes in they move up and down the key track.

Here is the core of the lock with the 2 sidebars

The core with no key in

And the sheer line of one side

The pins with the key in

This is how the actual pins looks like with heights 1-3

Now  picking thislock  is not that simple because the sliders sits very close to the plug and a very thin wire is needed, but as you can see the sidebars has a very wide room where they sit so this lock can be easily bypassed with a big screwdriver or such.

Till next time,

Coming soon- defeating  the Magnum Millenco in less than 20 seconds!

Unlocking the world of traveling – / Or: A new website, hurray!

So today I do not want to talk about locks and lockpicking and all that, but about something slightly different, which is in a way another passion of mine – passion of traveling and holidays! (And I know just how much we need them!)
A close friend of mine (the one who actually helped me with this blog, thank!) has a start up in the travel business and her company just produced tons of videos about cities in the world and some of them are on youtube so here is a link

There is lots of playlists about many cities in the world (some of them in different languages) and I must say I watched quite a lot of them by now, Barcelona seems like a great place, Istanbul isn’t bad either… give the Bangkok clips a look – the German version is fun! (needless to say that all I can say in German is schnell schnell haha). And at any rate – London stays MY number one city in the world. What’s yours??
So guys it would be great if you could take a look, click on them, like them, enjoy them and come back here as I will soon have something new about our usual theme.

Mul-T-Lock XP

Last week I got the new mul-t -lock XP cylinder from Fooddude of Island forum (thank you mate!) . There was a lot of buzz around this lock and since it had manged  to achieve the SS312 Diamond level of accreditation for a lock cylinders I was very curious to see the inside of this lock.

The XP lock is basically an improvement of the Garrison break secure lock that was also introduced by Mul-t-lock.

The lock has a broken secure cut but in a different position right before the 5th pin which is NOT available in the secure side.

It is also contains the “half-moon” anti drilling which I see for the first time in a lock outside of Israel.


The plug has 2 extra anti drilling balls

The plug has only 6 pins (camber number 5 is blocked)

Since every Garrison must have a number 6 pin  because it’s the anti drilling pin this leaves us with only 5 power 6 which are 7,776 keys combinations that are not a very good ratio.

The bottom pins are all mushrooms and this lock is very hard to bump and impossible to use a foil picking method with.

The last pin is also anti drilling .

The anti drilling pins

Now all this is very nice but the major issue in the XP is the cam design. The plug doesn’t have C clips- it’s the cam that is actually holding them in place.

The cam designed as 2 pieces with a circle clip holding is together, which means that if the lock is attacked the cam can not break and I can imagine that  a lot of strength is needed to pull it out, in other word the other side of the plug must be snapped in order for the cam to release and even then it will cause a lot of mass inside the lock mechanism .

All in all I find this lock to have a very clever design and would definitely do the job, picking this lock however is very easy .

Protected: Mul-T-Lock 7*7 Garrison Pick & Decoder

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Mul-T-Lock Gamma

Here  is a quick look on my most favorite lock that I have in my locks collectors items – Mul-t-lock Gamma still in the box cylinder.


The date on the lock is  August 22nd 1979 and  it was the very first mul-t-lock cylinder and keys that were ever issued.

The very interesting story behind this lock was never really told outside of Israel but actually Mul-t-lock was a small department in Rav Bariach which are door manufactures in Israel who came up with a revolutionary idea of 4 ways lock.  Rav Bariach were a great success and completely changed the doors and locks market in Israel.

The first mul-t-lock was named Gamma and the key had no profile on it, Also the key was shorter and the telescopic pins were made of two parts and not one as we know it today.

The second version of the key was longer since a key protector was also installed in the door and Rav Barich had also came up with a steel door with the 4 ways lock already installed inside.

The first key

 The first and second key

Since the lock was so succesful it became a target for an immediate attack which came very fast:  since the key had no profile or warding on it ,it was easy to insert a foil in the lock and get the code . This was revealed in a T.V show very similar to” Crime Watch” in the United Kingdom.  Rav Bariach  already had the new version of classic 06 key and did one of the most brilliant moves she could:  came live in the programme and admit that the lock had a fault and promised to replace the lock to the new version for a little extra cash. Thousands over thousands of locks were replaced and the Gamma version was droped . Getting the orignal lock still in the orignal box and in a new condition is impossible ,that’s what makes this lock a real collector’s item.

Assa Abloy finally bought  Mul-t-lock and decided not to buy Rav Bariach and made Mul-t-lock a very famous lock brand in the world.

Here are more pictures  of this very unique lock

The second version of the lock (still in the box!!!!)

All 3 generations of the key.

The Gamma key code

HON 66 Spilt Wafers

Here is a quick look at what is better known as “Spilt Wafers”  car door lock .

This is a Honda HON 66 lock which contains Seven spilt wafers and one full wafer in the door lock.

The lock is divided  into Axis A &  Axis B  , on the door lock there are 3 A wafers And 4 B wafers and another full wafers (B5)

The  3 wafers are named A 2, A 3 &A4  the full wafers is B5  

The other side is  B1-B4

There is total of 6 heights and 12 cuts when cutting the key if I’m not mistaken.

Picking the  lock is very awkward as you must pick it twice to open the door and then pick it twice to return to the orignal position. I did see one  lock  that was caught in the 45 degree position because  of  what seems to be  a worn key (the owner swore it wasn’t  picked or played with).

Cutting the HON 66 key is not easy even on the Quattrocode as the key must be measured before.