All you need to know about locks and picking them

split wafers

HON 66 Spilt Wafers

Here is a quick look at what is better known as “Spilt Wafers”  car door lock .

This is a Honda HON 66 lock which contains Seven spilt wafers and one full wafer in the door lock.

The lock is divided  into Axis A &  Axis B  , on the door lock there are 3 A wafers And 4 B wafers and another full wafers (B5)

The  3 wafers are named A 2, A 3 &A4  the full wafers is B5  

The other side is  B1-B4

There is total of 6 heights and 12 cuts when cutting the key if I’m not mistaken.

Picking the  lock is very awkward as you must pick it twice to open the door and then pick it twice to return to the orignal position. I did see one  lock  that was caught in the 45 degree position because  of  what seems to be  a worn key (the owner swore it wasn’t  picked or played with).

Cutting the HON 66 key is not easy even on the Quattrocode as the key must be measured before.