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Riders on the Storm

New lock picking tools are creating quite a buzz in the various lock picking forums, I haven’t tried them myself yet but the general impression  so far is  very good.

These picking tools are made in the UK by Storm And I think they can be an answer for our humble requests –  flexible lock picks, which are thin enough with a good grip and for the right price…

There is still no price for these picks yet but I think it would be possible to buy each pick individually which is  a good  thing since each LP has his own 2-3 favorite picks.

Also Strom did a very good move by sending out free samples to various forum members so  a reliable and honest comments may help any potential buyer  to decide


I really wish that Storm will make it as it is important  for us LP to have a good lock picking manufacture designer which we can work together  as locks are getting more more complex now with trap pins and sidebars and a good relationship between us and the manufactures can help us help them.Also those picks are made in Great Britain which I’m sure  are made of  good Quality


I will  keep an update of those lovely picks prices and info

Here is Strom’s website


Mila Evolution


This is a Mila Evolution lock I got from Mikey from England. It’s a pretty good design I think and very interesting  as it is possible to pick or bump this lock but a nasty surprise then waits as the plug  starts to turn -the trap pins.

I’ve already seen trap pins on a Kale lock before and thought it was very clever as it will eliminate most picking possibilities except imprisoning.

This Mila Evo lock contains 6 pins but the trap pins will only effects  pins 2-4.

The plug is trapped in this position by the trap pins that are pushed into the pins holes which are not “full” with the pin (as they should have been with the key inside)

However it is possible at least with the lock I have to SPP the pins again so the  trap pins will be pushed down again.I also managed to find another way of using 5 different blanks that are cut into different heights while using a very thin wire to push the high pins you can turn the plug.

I will need to test a plug spinner on this lock as I think it might be able to turn it very fast .

BTW re pinning this lock was a complete nightmare as I had to build (or cut) a plug for those trap pins,also it took me 2 hours to find one trap pin that jumped out of the plug -so beware 😀