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Tips on using the Lishi 2 in 1 Picks

Hello all,


Not much time in my hands lately but I was asked by a few friends to share some tips on picking and decoding the HU 101 Ford lock. This lock is harder to pick since it has 10 wafers and 5 different heights and would easily go in a false setting.

However ,I found that there is a way to pick them faster and it is working for me.

Here is a video on the Ford lock


I was also very impressed with the NE72 (Peugeot/Renault)pick and made a short video




A word of a warning if I may , apparently there are fake Lishi picks in the available in the market now and I had a play with one on a Merc HU64, the fake pick did open the lock but is giving the wrong code since the needle is a bit off-balanced and shorter.


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