All you need to know about locks and picking them

Kaba 12 pins lock

Kaba Lockpicking

In my book, the most important thing about lock picking is finding the pattern, because without it, it would be about hit and miss with locks, some times they will open in minutes and some times – won’t.

In the last few months I took a close look on some of Kaba’s locks and basically tried any trick with them, bumping, picking, Impressioning etc. I did have some success but couldn’t find a pattern for them so I was quite unhappy, as anyone would be when you pick a lock and can’t pick it again Sad

Kaba is a well known lock company from Austria and still one of the few that wasn’t bought by Assa-Abloy. Their dimple locks runs from an 8 pins to 16 with a 45 degree pins Shocked The big problem is that you get a 3 rows of pins that are very close to each other, so even if you set one side by picking the other side, you will reset what you’ve already picked.

However, after a lot of testing I saw that I need to modify picks/tension wrench as all the regular tools failed.

The tension wrench is made from an Ellen key and I had to twist my pick so it will hit the pins.

The picking sequence was left, right, up and then OVER LIFTING. The over lifting is basically to reset the pins that you’ve over set when picking the other row.

After several times the lock will have a small rotation and then it will open cheers

And finally  – here is a video, not the best of all times as Kaba picking is very much time consuming.

Locks Bumping

Bumping is a method that existed for years, but only in the last few years it was been exposed to the public’s eye, mainly through the internet.

A bump key is actually a key that is cut to the highest position, when you hit that key some pins will jump and with the perfect timing it would be possible to turn the plug. Some very high security locks surrender to this method.

Here is how it works..

This is a Linca lock from Spain, this lock has 5 pins and a side bar

A Fab lock that is almost impossible to pick

A Yardeny lock from Israel with 10 pins

Kaba 12 pins lock

A 7 pins Herman dimple lock

Magnum 7 pins dimple lock from China

The world’s smallest bum key? Only 3 pins

A Dom lock