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mul-t-lock interactive

Mul-T-Lock +צילינדר מולטילוק

Mul-T-Lock Israel had changed the Interactive lock structure after some other company issued a similar key that could also be used to open their interactive locks.

מולטילוק ישראל שינתה את מבנה צילינדר האינטרקטיב לאחר שחברה מתחרה הוציאה לשוק מפתח אשר יכול לפתוח את המנעולים הללו.

The Interactive concept is based on a moving components in the key , this means that one pin is actually lower than the first position. In the old Mul-t-locks the part was inside the plug and used to lower the moving pin in the key. with the new design there is an upper pin and the key is different.

Here is the new key near the old key

הנה המפתח החדש מול הישן

The new pin and the back hole

Also the drivers (or body pin) were highly improved ,the edge of the inner pin was cut around in a way it would be caught in the plug pin. This deign plus the new interactive design makes this lock bump proof.


העיצוב החדש מונע כול אפשרות להקפצת המפתח

It is very interesting that only in Israel we have half pins or tabs. As in the rest of the world to my knowledge there are only  4 external plug pins -A B C D and 5 internal plug pins 1 -5 , We have half pin between A to C pins and also from 1 to 4

Here you can see the card (the tabs are under A and C )

Here are the  B and C pins near the tab ones which are in black.

And the way they sit in the plug in the right way (those are the tabs)

The wrong pins (not tabs)

The main reason for those pins I suspect is for copy control as it would be very hard to read the key without the card.