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Keso 2000 Foil Picking


About a year ago I had a great meeting with Toools members from Holland and we even made a video together .

In the video I demonstrate a very cool dimple foil pick :

Lately I’ve decided to try more dimple locks with the foil method and I’ve had some good results(and some bad..)

The big  problem with dimple foil is that  in some key ways  it will tear the foil and it will be very hard to introduce a key that the foil won’t bend at some positions,also a deep cut near a low-cut can cause a problem.

The first lock I tested was a Keso 2000 ,this lock can be impressioned and picked but it would be very hard on a real door ,a simple solution is needed in here.

I  first tried to use a Keso blank to try foil but that didn’t work as the foil failed to enter the key way.I then tried some different blanks and different cutting of the key and found out that I can use a smaller shape blank and use a few layers of foils on a key meaning that if the first foil layer isn’t working after a few seconds then a second or even a third layer will open the lock.

 Here is a video of the Keso foil picking

I have 6 other Keso locks which ALL of them were opened in a very short time ,this tells me that this method of using a smaller key is working .

Also I stand correct Keso are made in Switzerland and not in Italy.

This is  the key after the picking

I’m currently working on some other locks like Kaba etc. I will keep you posted.