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Defeating the DOM IX

Last week I was forced to drill a Dom lock on a real lockout. I always feel bad when doing so ,even when sometimes it’s the only option (like glued locks etc.)

I’ve already covered the Dom locks in my blog and they are very hard to pick but possible. The trouble is on a real door when you lose the comfort of your vice and most of the time there’s a lock protector which makes it harder to tension.

I spent a few good hours on finding a better solution to this lock and found out that the  foil is the best way.  However there might be some problems when using this method.


I have five different  locks and three of them pick very easy,  one lock will pick but it will be impossible to remove the key after, I suspect the higher cuts( pin number 5) is going far too deep in the foil key , and the last lock will not pick and when I’ve looked more into the lock I’ve discovered that where it should have been pin number one it went all the way to the last pin for some reason. Also with this lock it is better to use pliers as bigger forced is needed.


To overcome those problems I’ve cut a substantial amount of the key  and since there isn’t a complex warding the key is working much better now  and will go on very smoothly.


Here is a video on how it’s done.






Also  here’s a quick look on my new lock  training borad I’ve made this week.