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Riders on the Storm

New lock picking tools are creating quite a buzz in the various lock picking forums, I haven’t tried them myself yet but the general impression  so far is  very good.

These picking tools are made in the UK by Storm And I think they can be an answer for our humble requests –  flexible lock picks, which are thin enough with a good grip and for the right price…

There is still no price for these picks yet but I think it would be possible to buy each pick individually which is  a good  thing since each LP has his own 2-3 favorite picks.

Also Strom did a very good move by sending out free samples to various forum members so  a reliable and honest comments may help any potential buyer  to decide


I really wish that Storm will make it as it is important  for us LP to have a good lock picking manufacture designer which we can work together  as locks are getting more more complex now with trap pins and sidebars and a good relationship between us and the manufactures can help us help them.Also those picks are made in Great Britain which I’m sure  are made of  good Quality


I will  keep an update of those lovely picks prices and info

Here is Strom’s website