All you need to know about locks and picking them


Yale 6210


It is not that often that I get excited by a pin tumbler lock but this Yale lock I got this week is exceptional for its good design and clever sidebar and anti drilling points.

I couldn’t find much info on this lock but it says 6210 on the side and has a security card,the key is very heavy which indicates of a good quality .The side bar reminds me however of Evva DPI but in closer look it’s a different design


The side bar has 4 little “rollers” that will slide down if the correct key is inserted

The side bar without the key

The lock is very hard to pick even without the side bar ,you get some nasty mushroom pins and the pins are very accurate.

The lock’s plug has 2 anti drilling points and under pin number 2 there is an anti drilling point which was very hard to cut to make this cut away.

Picking this lock is very very  hard even when I can see the pins and know the key,I suspect that on a real door it would be a real nightmare . How ever after testing the lock I find it best to pick the plug pins and then use a sort wire to touch the side bar.

I will try to get another lock to see that the side bar is different on each lock ,however I think  some of  lock pickers friends would love to test that lock.