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Unlocking the world of traveling – / Or: A new website, hurray!

So today I do not want to talk about locks and lockpicking and all that, but about something slightly different, which is in a way another passion of mine – passion of traveling and holidays! (And I know just how much we need them!)
A close friend of mine (the one who actually helped me with this blog, thank!) has a start up in the travel business and her company just produced tons of videos about cities in the world and some of them are on youtube so here is a link

There is lots of playlists about many cities in the world (some of them in different languages) and I must say I watched quite a lot of them by now, Barcelona seems like a great place, Istanbul isn’t bad either… give the Bangkok clips a look – the German version is fun! (needless to say that all I can say in German is schnell schnell haha). And at any rate – London stays MY number one city in the world. What’s yours??
So guys it would be great if you could take a look, click on them, like them, enjoy them and come back here as I will soon have something new about our usual theme.

Mul-T-Lock XP

Last week I got the new mul-t -lock XP cylinder from Fooddude of Island forum (thank you mate!) . There was a lot of buzz around this lock and since it had manged  to achieve the SS312 Diamond level of accreditation for a lock cylinders I was very curious to see the inside of this lock.

The XP lock is basically an improvement of the Garrison break secure lock that was also introduced by Mul-t-lock.

The lock has a broken secure cut but in a different position right before the 5th pin which is NOT available in the secure side.

It is also contains the “half-moon” anti drilling which I see for the first time in a lock outside of Israel.


The plug has 2 extra anti drilling balls

The plug has only 6 pins (camber number 5 is blocked)

Since every Garrison must have a number 6 pin  because it’s the anti drilling pin this leaves us with only 5 power 6 which are 7,776 keys combinations that are not a very good ratio.

The bottom pins are all mushrooms and this lock is very hard to bump and impossible to use a foil picking method with.

The last pin is also anti drilling .

The anti drilling pins

Now all this is very nice but the major issue in the XP is the cam design. The plug doesn’t have C clips- it’s the cam that is actually holding them in place.

The cam designed as 2 pieces with a circle clip holding is together, which means that if the lock is attacked the cam can not break and I can imagine that  a lot of strength is needed to pull it out, in other word the other side of the plug must be snapped in order for the cam to release and even then it will cause a lot of mass inside the lock mechanism .

All in all I find this lock to have a very clever design and would definitely do the job, picking this lock however is very easy .