All you need to know about locks and picking them

Unlocking the world of traveling – / Or: A new website, hurray!

So today I do not want to talk about locks and lockpicking and all that, but about something slightly different, which is in a way another passion of mine – passion of traveling and holidays! (And I know just how much we need them!)
A close friend of mine (the one who actually helped me with this blog, thank!) has a start up in the travel business and her company just produced tons of videos about cities in the world and some of them are on youtube so here is a link

There is lots of playlists about many cities in the world (some of them in different languages) and I must say I watched quite a lot of them by now, Barcelona seems like a great place, Istanbul isn’t bad either… give the Bangkok clips a look – the German version is fun! (needless to say that all I can say in German is schnell schnell haha). And at any rate – London stays MY number one city in the world. What’s yours??
So guys it would be great if you could take a look, click on them, like them, enjoy them and come back here as I will soon have something new about our usual theme.

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