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Why pick a lock?

Lock picking is a great hobby and also could be a great way to make a living, though I know some very experienced locksmiths that never picked a lock in their life. The internet is a great factor in spreading this hobby – there are many great LP forums that usually support a LP shop. Most of the lock pickers are not even locksmiths but have a different day job, however when you get hooked you will find it to be a very satisfying sport.

Actually, it is very easy to get started and it is not very expensive either, but once you get better at it, you would basically want to put your hands on any locks you can get and increase your lock picking tools.

I still read sad comments about how noneducational hobby it is, but I doubt it if robbers are using bumping and LP methods. For a start, I would say that I never heard of any tool that can guarantee you a 100% success on a lock and since time is a factor I don’t think lock picking suits any given thief. However, lock picking takes a skill (and I’m not suggesting that thieves don’t have skills) but it’s not very likely that NDE methods are used.

Lock companies don’t like lock pickers! And a good reason might be that the video clips and demonstrations one can find on YouTube might damage the companies’ reputation. If a lock has many videos on YouTube,  it means that the company needs to come up with a better lock and a better lock means that some more LP would want to pick it, and probably some will do, so this circle  is not likely to stop.

Some more cynical people would say that posting blogs like this one and making videos on You Tube are all about ego.

Well, I personally think it’s more about taking a pride of your LP skills (as well as maybe some ego), but I do not think that there is something wrong with that.

So whether you are a beginner or an experienced LP, we need to take pride and joy of our sport!

Locks Bumping

Bumping is a method that existed for years, but only in the last few years it was been exposed to the public’s eye, mainly through the internet.

A bump key is actually a key that is cut to the highest position, when you hit that key some pins will jump and with the perfect timing it would be possible to turn the plug. Some very high security locks surrender to this method.

Here is how it works..

This is a Linca lock from Spain, this lock has 5 pins and a side bar

A Fab lock that is almost impossible to pick

A Yardeny lock from Israel with 10 pins

Kaba 12 pins lock

A 7 pins Herman dimple lock

Magnum 7 pins dimple lock from China

The world’s smallest bum key? Only 3 pins

A Dom lock

Gooood Morning Raf!

So, what do you say?

This will be my site, writing about something I am passionate about.. lock picking!