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Mul-T-Lock Selector צילינדר מולטילוק אינטראקטיב סלקטור

mul sel 003

חדש במפתח העיר !

צילינדר הרשאות מתוחכם מבית מולטילוק

הצילינדר מאפשר הרשאות זמניות למשתמשים שונים והוא פיתרון מצויין לכול בית בו יש עוזרת. מנקה או צורך לתת מפתח לזמן קצר.

Here is a quick look on the new Mul-t-lock Selector lock that is brand new to the market.

The lock is a clever design and actually is an improvement of the mul-t-lock 3 in 1 (already covered in my blog)

The lock comes with 6 keys and 3 colors

הצילינדר מגיע עם שישה מפתחות

mul sel 004

The  3 white key will always open the lock they are for the owners of the flat.

שלושת המפתחות הלבנים תמיד יפתחו את המנעול

The blue key is temporary key which you can give to the cleaner /friends or whom ever needs your key for a short time.

The green key enables the blue key

המפתח הכחול ניתן לכניסות זמניות.

mul sel 005

The red key unables the blue key.

mul sel 006

In other words you can control the use of the blue key with your green and red key.

המפתח האדום מבטל את המפתח הכחול והמפתח הירוק מאפשר שימוש בו.

So how does it work?

All 3 keys comes with different cuts on the last pin, and unlike the mul-t-lock 3 in 1 the pins will not cut will make the lock’s trick to keep working

On the side on the plug where there are usually the place for the  side pins different pin is inserted

mul sel 007

mul sel 008

This master pin will travel back and forth to the side pin place when the green and red keys are inserted and the plug is turned 180 degree to the left.

mul sel 009

Here is what you see on the plug.

mul sel 012

And here is a video on how you use this.

My new Locksmith shop חנות המנעולים שלי

Hello all.

I’ve opened my own shop in September so therefore didn’t have much time in my hands for covering locks and picking tools (Don’t worry I still have loads of them to cover.)

However this is my new shop’s Facebook page and some of my articles will move there but I will still be using my blog to cover version stuff.

Feel free to join my FB and although it is in Hebrew the articles and videos will still be in English.



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