All you need to know about locks and picking them


This is an IMilock that was made in Israel by a guy named Anatoly about 20 years ago.

The lock contains 9 pins and a side bar.

As you can see, the plug is cut through and you got 2 “trays” to fill the pins in.

The 2 dimple rows are very close to each other and unlike the BioLock for example, you can’t pick only one side.

Also the keyway is very tight.

Anatoly is a brilliant engineer that came from the USSR, but unfortunately he was a very bad businessman .

Coca Cola wanted to buy his patent from him but he thought he could do it on his own. He managed to get a big deal with the Israeli Mail Company, but the deal was called off  in the last minute, leaving him skint. For years to follow, he wasted his time in court, fighting them.

(Apparently, the deal was withdrawn because another company blackmailed the Israeli Mail Company into choosing her locks instead).

The IMilock was famous for its padlocks, which were very good, unfortunately the blanks was very expensive and most of the time out of stock, so locksmiths stopped selling this lock.

Here are some more pics Smile

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